FreeDict - free bilingual dictionaries

Horst Eyermann, Michael Bunk and many more

On this page you can find translation dictionary databases. The databases are free. That means they are available under a free license like the GNU GPL or similar. Please check with the respective dictionary.

The databases are available in TEI, a XML language to encode human language. This way the dictionaries can be used both by humans and machines. We support the conversion of FreeDict databases from their native TEI format for use with dictd, the DICT dictionary server and other similar servers. Our own online dictionary lookup page can be found at Please note that you can also install a plugin on that page which will let you query FreeDict dictionaries straight from your browser search window.

There are other applications for our databases as well. It is possible to use them to generate wordlists for spellcheckers and to create new dictionaries, to import them into your own terminological database and even to print your own dictionary with XSL-FO.

If you would like to see any other language included, please read the HOWTO and join this project! Your help is appreciated and needed, also for improving the quality of the databases.

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This project was started in 2000 by Horst Eyermann. The first databases were derived from Ergane. Since then, FreeDict has much evolved and now offers both imported and hand-crafted dictionaries in various sizes. With the switch to TEI P5 in 2010, the project uses a comprehensive standard to encode human speech. This format also allows for the usage of the dictionaries in yet unforeseen use case scenario's, because it decouples from the actual output format.