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FreeDict is a dictionary project with

The dictionaries are compiled, imported and maintained by enthusiasts in their spare time. Learn how to become a part of our community.


This project was started in 2000 by Horst Eyermann. The first databases were derived from a project called Ergane which used to distribute free dictionaries. When Michael Bunk took over the project in 2004, he opened the project to a broader scope, allowing all kinds of dictionaries in the project and converted all dictionaries into the TEI format. He both imported new dictionaries and wrote other dictionaries by hand himself.

Since then, FreeDict has much evolved and now offers both imported and hand-crafted dictionaries in various sizes.

With the switch to TEI P5 in 2010, the project uses a comprehensive standard to encode human speech. This format also allows for the usage of the dictionaries in yet unforeseen use case scenario's, because it decouples from the actual output format.

In 2016, FreeDict moved from SourceForge to Github. This makes the project more visible and eases collaborative development considerably.


We are happy to receive feedback, feature requests and we absolutely love patches. Please have a look at our community page for more information.