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FreeDict is more than a large number of dictionaries, tools and infrastructure. It consists of a community of enthusiasts with many different skill sets, including linguists, programmers or simply people with an affinity to languages. The diversity is our strength.

Getting Started

Let's get in touch:

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Development takes mostly place on GitHub and is split among several repositories. All the hand-written dictionaries are in the fd-dictionaries repository and the tools are in the the repository with the same name.

Bugs and feature requests regarding dictionaries are managed on our fd-dictionaries issue tracker, including those dictionaries which are not in the fd-dictionaries repository. All issues related to the development of tools for building and importing dictionaries should go to the tools issue tracker.

I'm Not A Developer

Great, we cannot wait for your contribution! We are happy to assist with any technical question you might have and are happy to mentor you in the process of learning how to work in our project.\ You can also make a great difference if you recommend us to your friends!

Website Translations

We are always looking for people who are able to translate our website. As a dictionary project, we want to reach as many people as possible, hence our website needs many translations. This is not a lot of work and it doesn't change too often, so please contact us if you would like to help.

Improving Dictionaries

It is very helpful if you report errors in our dictionaries to us. You can report them either on GitHub or on our mailing list.


If you have the rare gift of being able to design a website theme, logos, stickers or whatever comes to mind, then we would be very excited to get to know you. Please be so kind and write to us on the mailing list.

Active Dictionary Maintainers

Dictionary maintainers are the hardworking persons behind a dictionary who keep it up to date and who take care of including the improvements sent in by the community. A more in-depth explanation can be found at the dedicated wiki page.

Below is a list of the active dictionary maintainers:

Dictionary Maintainer Dictionaries
Beata Wójtowicz English - Swahili, Swahili - Polish
Denis Arnaud Breton - French, French - Breton, Japanese - German, Japanese - English, Japanese - French, Japanese - Russian, Wolof - French
Dennis N. English - Croatian, Croatian - English
Einhard Leichtfuß German - English, English - German
Erdal Ronahi Central Kurdish - Northern Kurdish, German - Kurdish, German - Turkish, Kurdish - German, Kurdish - English, Kurdish - Turkish
Fred Ulisses Maranhão Spanish - Portuguese
Joe Hansen Danish - English, English - Danish
Karl Bartel German - Bulgarian, German - Modern Greek, German - Finnish, German - French, German - Indonesian, German - Polish, German - Russian, German - Spanish, German - Swedish, Modern Greek - Bulgarian, Modern Greek - German, Modern Greek - English, Modern Greek - Finnish, Modern Greek - French, Modern Greek - Indonesian, Modern Greek - Italian, Modern Greek - Japanese, Modern Greek - Latin, Modern Greek - Lithuanian, Modern Greek - Dutch, Modern Greek - Norwegian, Modern Greek - Polish, Modern Greek - Portuguese, Modern Greek - Russian, Modern Greek - Spanish, Modern Greek - Swedish, English - Bulgarian, English - Finnish, English - Indonesian, English - Japanese, English - Norwegian, English - Swedish, Finnish - Bulgarian, Finnish - German, Finnish - Modern Greek, Finnish - English, Finnish - French, Finnish - Indonesian, Finnish - Italian, Finnish - Japanese, Finnish - Latin, Finnish - Lithuanian, Finnish - Dutch, Finnish - Norwegian, Finnish - Polish, Finnish - Portuguese, Finnish - Swedish, French - Bulgarian, French - German, French - Modern Greek, French - Finnish, French - Italian, French - Japanese, French - Latin, French - Lithuanian, French - Polish, French - Portuguese, French - Russian, French - Spanish, French - Swedish, French - Turkish, Italian - Bulgarian, Italian - Modern Greek, Italian - Finnish, Italian - Indonesian, Italian - Japanese, Italian - Lithuanian, Italian - Dutch, Italian - Norwegian, Italian - Polish, Italian - Portuguese, Italian - Russian, Italian - Spanish, Italian - Swedish, Italian - Turkish, Dutch - Bulgarian, Dutch - Modern Greek, Dutch - Finnish, Dutch - Indonesian, Dutch - Italian, Dutch - Latin, Dutch - Lithuanian, Dutch - Polish, Dutch - Portuguese, Dutch - Russian, Dutch - Spanish, Dutch - Swedish, Polish - Bulgarian, Polish - German, Polish - Modern Greek, Polish - English, Polish - Finnish, Polish - French, Polish - Indonesian, Polish - Italian, Polish - Japanese, Polish - Dutch, Polish - Norwegian, Polish - Portuguese, Polish - Russian, Polish - Spanish, Polish - Swedish, Polish - Turkish, Portuguese - French, Portuguese - Spanish, Swedish - Bulgarian, Swedish - German, Swedish - Modern Greek, Swedish - Finnish, Swedish - French, Swedish - Italian, Swedish - Japanese, Swedish - Latin, Swedish - Dutch, Swedish - Norwegian, Swedish - Polish, Swedish - Portuguese, Swedish - Russian, Swedish - Spanish, Swedish - Turkish
Kevin Donnelly Welsh - English, English - Welsh
Michael Bunk English - Hindi, Khasi - German, Khasi - English, Sanskrit - German
Piotr Bański English - Modern Greek, English - Polish, Swahili - English
Raul Fernandes English - Portuguese
Sebastian Humenda Esperanto - English, Latin - German, Spanish - German