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Downloads — FreeDict

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FreeDict dictionaries are stored in a generic file format which allows to target different dictionary applications, also referred to as platforms. The advantage of this approach is that the dictionary data can be used for any application and that you can pick what suits you best.

Smartphones And Tablets

For smartphones and tablets, our dictionaries are available in the slob format, an advanced format understood by the Aard2 dictionary program for Android. Just download Aard2 from the playstore or from F-Droid. Finally, download one of our dictionaries below to your smartphone.


For desktop computers, you are free to choose between a variety of dictionary programs, a selection of clients can be found on our wiki page. The most advanced is probably GoldenDict. It can read many formats, including the dictd format. Just download the archive below to your computer, unpack it and then select import from the menu within GoldenDict.


If you are running a Debian/Ubuntu derivative or Arch, the FreeDict packages are already available via your package manager. If not, use the downloads below.


The archives are in the .tar.xz format. If you are unable to unpack this archive format, please download a program like 7-Zip. After this, you will find the .index and files required for the import in your favourite dictionary program.

Dictionary Downloads


If you want to browse through our source, you have several options. The easiest way is to check out the drop-down menu below to select the desired dictionary. Another option is our static API that allows for programmatic retrieval of our dictionaries.

The dictionary development happens at two places. Some dictionaries are maintained and extended manually and are on GitHub. Others are automatically imported from other sources and hence their importer scripts are version-controlled.

The Dictionaries are encoded in the TEI format, please see the documentation for more details.

The latest release of each dictionaries' source can be retrieved below:


The API allows for retrieval of meta information of each dictionary, as well as direct download links for the target formats (AKA platforms) and their source. This can be helpful for app developers or distributors.

The endpoints are

Documentation of the API fields is in the wiki.