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The FreeDict project strives to be the most comprehensive source of truly free bilingual dictionaries. They are not just free of charge, but they give you the right to study, change and modify them, as long as you guarantee others these freedoms, too. Founded in 2000, FreeDict nowadays provides over 140 dictionaries in about 45 languages and thanks to its members, grows continuously. Learn how to become a part of FreeDict.

Use Wherever You Want

FreeDict dictionaries offer you the greatest deal of flexibility possible: you can use them both on your computer or on your mobile phone and all the lookups are offline. This means that you can travel abroad without the fear that your provider will make you pay a lot just for a few dictionary lookups. You will even be independent from a network connection.

Use For Any Purpose

Our data is useful for a wide range of applications which is made possible through the use of the generic TEI XML format. This allows us to export our data into any format and for any purpose, be it an electronic/paper dictionary or a spell checker.

What's Happening


The web site now has an area to list meetups, presentations and publications related to FreeDict.


The brand-new deu-eng and eng-deu dictionaries are out! Thanks to Einhard Leichtfuss, who wrote the importer program. There’s also a publication about the technology behind the importer in the wiki.


Our web site can be now viewed in Mandarin Chinese (China), thanks to HÉ Pèiwén for contributing the translation.


Edin Dagasan contributed a Swedish translation of our web site, thanks!


The initial version of slv-eng has been released. This dictionary is hand-written by Gorazd Gorup, a great effort!


Thanks to Carlos Luna, our web site can now be viewed in spanish!